The Most Popular 4 Types of Promotional Keychains

Kim L.

Keychains are items that organize keys together and can be in any form such as metal, PVC, foam, fabric, acrylic. Most people value their keys so do their keyholders. That’s why distributing keychains is a great way to promote businesses. We shared the most popular four types of promotional keychains in this article.

1. Metal Keychains
Metal promo keychains are one of the most popular promo items. From small to big organizations such as coffee shops, bakeries, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, universities, repair shops order custom metal keychains to promote their businesses.

2. PVC Keychains
Custom PVC keychains are among the most popular promo keychains. The PVC material allows many design possibilities including custom 3d shapes. The PVC material is very sturdy that has a long lifespan. Promo PVC keychains are also preferred by many small to big businesses. It is enough to attach images, design files, or text your design ideas to allow us to complete the design process for your perfect custom keychains.

3. Acrylic Keychains
Acrylic keychains are also very popular promo keychains used to advertise businesses. The material is very sturdy and elegant. It is a very efficient and economical way for business promotion.

4. Floating Foam Keychains
These keychains are made of high-quality foam that can float in the water. These keychains prevent keys to sink in the water if the key drops into a lake, sea, or ocean. Therefore, these keychains are mainly preferred by marines, yachting businesses, and water sports. However, the uniqueness of foam keychains also leads businesses in other industries to use floating foam keychains to promote their businesses.
If you want to know why you should use custom promo keychains to promote your business, you can read the benefits of using custom keychains to promote businesses. If you decide to order keychains for your business, you can start an order right now.